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“100% Highly Recommend!

If you ever get injured from work or lots of physical activity and don’t want to spend loads of money on a physical therapist/trainers, Purpose training studio is the company to contact!!

Austin is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.

This man will get you right!!

Few years ago I was having a rotator cuff problem that was really starting to affect my everyday activity and he had showed me some exercises to not only stretch the muscle but strengthen it as well.

To this day my shoulders have been healthy from his mobility routine he got me on that I do before and after every workout.

I do a lot of calisthenics mixed with heavy lifting so your rotators are very crucial to have strong when you’re doing a lot of those compound movements.

However, recently my forearms have got really tender from overuse at work and the gym.

Feeling like I’m starting to get tennis elbow so Austin already got me on a stretching and mobility routine for my forearms.

Which I already know will help the issue.

Appreciate all the help.

Thank you Purpose Training Studio!

Will be back"


William Taylor

As a personal trainer I enjoy that I and Purpose Training Studio share a similar philosophy. The importance of training with purpose! Focusing on form, using slow and controlled movements so that you will get the most out of your training. I recently injured my shoulder and have been utilizing a chin up technique that Patrick suggested. It has really helped improve my strength and recovery.

Bill Van Heest

Patrick Purpose is the senior personal trainer at the Purpose Training Studio. He is very knowledgable. He is able to make you feel comfortable with the equipment in all parts of the exercise studio. He has helped me learn about the exercise equipment. Patrick will help you make a workout routine that is best for your needs and wants. The routine is both sustainable and enjoyable. I have used them to get meal plans. I have known Patrick for 4 to 5 years.

Jay Morgan

Purpose Training Studio has helped me realize how important it is to start a foundation of strong muscles, joints, bones, etc. The owners of Purpose Training Studio are so knowledgable, not only about working out, but about how the human body works in general. They've personally assisted me in strengthening my knees, back, and shoulders. Highly recommend Purpose Training!

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