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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Relax and unwind with our 60 minute Swedish massage. Enjoy gentle light to medium pressure massage. Pick a full body massage or target specific problem area. Benefits include, relax de-stress, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and ease muscle soreness.


Medical Massage

Medical massage is an outcome-based massage. Treatment is decided on a specific problem the client has. Assessment is done to help better decide which area of the body needs special attention. 


Deep Tissue

Deep tissue gets deeper into the muscle tissue to relieve serious tension. Benefits include, increase range of motion, lower blood pressure, ease muscle pain, relaxation and de-stress .


Add On Options:


Bio Freeze

Mini-Hot Stones

Hot Stones 

Relaxing full-body massage that incorporates hot, soothing stones for increased circulation and reduce tension in the muscle. Benefits include, increase flexibility and circulation, decrease pain. 



30 Minute Target Session

Have a specific area that only needs attention? Try our 30 minute targeted massage! 



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