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Passion        Power         Positivity


Train With Purpose

Live With Purpose

We are Grand Rapids' Premier Boutique Fitness Studio Specializing in Strength Training customized to YOUR specific goals and fitness level.

Our Mission for each of our clients is to help them Train with Purpose so they can Live with Purpose!

The cornerstone of our values is always having PURPOSE in any aspect of life. From work, to relationships, to your health, Your PURPOSE drives your life. We make sure you find your own PURPOSE in your health and wellness goals here at Purpose Training. 

Personal Training


Online Coaching

Typing on the Computer

Massage Therapy


Interested in our services but don't know where to start?


The Purpose Protocol's main goal is to introduce clients

to our system and philosophy.

Whether you are interested in personal training, small group training, or online coaching--> we want to make sure everyone who walks in the door knows their why.


Why our facility, why our services, and why do you want to workout.

This is the foundation to building success and sustainability. From there we will go over goals, body composition assessments, and recommendations going forward! 

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